Are You Prepared For An Opportunity?

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Your success = Opportunity + Preparedness.

If you want to be rich, You should be prepared to spot and grab opportunities.

One windy day two men were walking down the street. A piece of small paper blows along the sidewalk in front of one man, then the other. The first man ignores it, and continue walking, but the second man look closely at the paper, he saw that it’s a P1000 bill, and picks it up. Is the second man luckier? 

No. The same opportunity crossed the path of both men, but only the second man was prepared to take action.

When it comes to financial matters, it’s very important to keep your eyes and ears open. Only then will you spot opportunity when it crosses your path.

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You're Not Too OLD To Start A Business

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Let Colonel Sanders story inspire you.

Colonel Sanders  was 66 years old when he lost his business, broke, and found that social security pension wasn’t enough to live on.

So he made a fried chicken recipe and went around the country trying to sell his recipe to restaurants. He was turned down 1,009 times. BUT he didn't stop. Finally in his 1,010 attempt someone said yes.. 

Colonel Sanders become a multimillionaire at an age when most people are retiring with a small pension. 

If you’re in doubt and feeling afraid because you think that you're too old to start, just remember what Colonel Sanders (of Kentuky Fried Chicken) did.

3 Simple Effective Ways To Market

3 Simple Effective Ways To Market

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Whatever your product or service is marketing is needed if you want to increase your sales. Why? Read my post How Marketing Can Increase your Business Sales. To resume with our topic, Here are 3 simple yet effective ways to market your product or service:

1. Network - tell your family, relatives, and friends about your business. And ask them to tell their friends about your business.You can give them some business brochures or flyers to distribute to people they know or will meet.

2. Create an Online ads - Go to websites like or register for free and create an wow advertisement about your business it's easy and it's free.

3. Promote at Facebook - Why facebook? Because facebook is populated. There are many ways to promote on facebook. To name two ways: One easy way is to tell your about product on your status(the "what's on your mind" not single or married ha) and profile info, another is to create a facebook page about your business.

Online Financial Education - Why Learn Financial Literacy?

Online Financial Education - Why Learn Financial Literacy?

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If you want to you know how to drive a car like a professional driver, you get a driving lesson. You go to a driving school or you hire a good experienced driver to teach you all things you need to learn to become a good driver. 

If you want to know how to cook well or bake well you go to a cooking or baking class. Learn the correct procedures in cooking or baking and then become a world class cook! 

Same as with money..If you want to know how to make more, how to grow, how to keep, how and where to invest your hard earned money, you need will financial education or financial literacy.
And this blog (online financial education) is made for that purpose, to teach financial literacy. In this blog I'll share everything I know and will learn about money and investing from my experiences. You Ready to learn?