How To Become Rich

This is what I learned from one of my financial mentor. He said that if you want to get RICH you should know the difference between what's an asset and liability, and then buy assets (plural)

So what's an asset? liability? Here, asset is anything that puts money into your pocket, while liability is anything that takes money from your pocket.

That's what you can to do to get rich. Acquire many assets!

Definition Of Insanity

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Naturally, most if not all of us want and crave for something better. It is all part of us if we want a bigger car, a better house, buying good things for the family. We keep hoping for more but, in order to get what you don’t have, you have got to do something you have never done before.
That simply means:
Doing the same thing over and over again YET expecting different results!

As an employee, you can’t stay at the same job forever and hope that a miracle will happen and your boss will suddenly give you a raise. You will be lucky that there is no downsizing in your company. Switching to another company will only provide a short term solution to a long term problem.

Sure, you can take up a second or even third job, but do you have enough hours and stamina in a day to sustain it?

The bottom-line: Trading time for money isn’t wise financial sense in the long term. 

Why Savings Won't Make You Rich

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Do you know that your money loses its purchasing power? How much? Around 7 percent a year. How? Because of inflation. Inflation is the reason why a bottle of an 8oz coke is now P8 compared to its price P4 a bottle years ago.

When you put your hard earned money in the bank's savings account they'll give you 2% interest or put it in a time deposit and they'll give you an 3-5% interest. Still below the 7% inflation. And when you'll withdraw your money savings you wont get it full 100% because of tax deductions.That's the reason saving won't make you rich.


Because the banks interest is not enough to fight the inflation.

Savings is the foundation of wealth. But, savings is not enough.

What should you do now?

1. You can put your money in mutual funds (average 12% interest a year) or the stock market where your money can earn an average of 12% and up interest a year.

2. Another is you need to do is to learn how to develop an alternative income stream aside from your job..or an  alternative income stream that one can use during retirement. One of the income streams I am working on right now is network marketing or multi-level marketing.

I was skeptical about network marketing before because, and its true that there are many ponzi scheme out there waiting for their next victim/s. BUT my thinking about network marketing changed after I read Robert Kiyosaki's "The business of the 21st century" After reading the book I started researching, looking for a network marketing company where I can join. 

And I found the best network marketing company in the Philippines. It is also operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Taiwan,Brunei, and Nigeria and still expanding Globally. It has remarkable products that many people are using and the benefits that you can get are incomparable and you can generate passive income quickly. 

Earn From Your Passion.

"Success follows doing what you want to do. There is no other way to be successful. Malcolm Forbes."

Do you know what your passion is? Here are some questions that might help you get to know your passion:

*What subject matter interest you the most?

*What are the skills or talents you have that many people admires?

*When you have a free time, how do you choose to spend it?

*If not for money, what would you like to do?

*what are you good at?

*What do you enjoy doing?

Are you good in Numbers? Cooking? Arts? Dancing? Counseling? Computers? Sports? Cleaning?

It will help to ask family or close friends what they see that you're good at.
Sometimes other people can read our souls when we can’t.

Once you become aware of your passion,feed it, focus on it, improve it. Then ask yourself on how your can earn from it.