How To Achieve Anything Part 3 - The Law Of Attraction

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"What you think is what you become" 

I learned this in the movie The Secret one thing that we can do to help us achieve what we want. It is to believe that we deserve (our dreams) and it is already ours and we only just have to get it. 

This applies the law of attraction or the power of focus.

Your thoughts become things. Think and focus and it will happen!

I've done this many times, and its amazing that things happens the way I want it to be. I'm just kidding. Nope, it's true.

I've done this when I took my board exam and passed, when I was sick and got well fast, When I court the girl I want.

What's surprising is that I've done those things long before I've seen the movie the secret. I was doing the secret's principle subconsciously.
This is the secret of the universe: Your thought create things.

...and what happened to the girl I want? - she's now my wife!