Be Responsible For Your Success

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"If you don't want your situation, change it. If you can't change your situation, change your attitude."

Life is about choice. When you were young, choices were made by your parents. And as you grow up you learned to make your own choices.

You're the one who create the life that you have right now. 
How come? Because of the series of small and big decisions you have made before.

So if you don't don't like where you are right now, you are responsible.
If you don't like your job right now, you're responsible.
If you are overweight, it's your fault.
If you're not happy with your life right now, you're are responsible

All of us have the power of choice. So if you don't like something with your life, Do something about it. If not, who will? If you want change, do something new.

You are responsible of your life. It means you're in charge.

How To Achieve Anything Part 2 - Level Of Desire

This is part two of my post "How to achieve anything." I wrote in my last post that first thing to do to achieve your dream is to "be CLEAR on what you want". I also wrote there the importance of writing down your dreams.

In this post I will talk about the second reason why people don't get what they want. What is it? the reason is - "we don't want it bad enough."

There are different levels of desire.

The first level is the wish level. This is when people say "I wish to become rich"..and it ends there.Nothing happens.

Next level is the want level. In this level people say "I want to become rich"..better than the wish level, Some thing happen here,but not enough to get people achieve their dream.

Last level is the commitment level. People in this level say "I'm committed to become rich". This is level wherein you will do anything in order to achieve your dreams because you're committed to it.

Do you want to get anything you want?
Be committed to your dreams.

How To Become Successful In Anything Part 1 - Be Clear On what You Want.

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"If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live." - Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Do you know why people don't get what they want in life? They would say: I want to become rich, I want to have a beautiful house, I want to have a brand new car,etc.but doesn't achieve those. 
There are two reasons for that. First, because they don't REALLY know what they want. In order for you to get what you want, you MUST be clear on what you want to get or happen in your life.

Here's what I did (Many successful people did this thing) I wrote down my wants/dreams on my computer using notepad haha..I wrote it in a specific way.

I didn't write "I want to be rich" or "I want to have a brand new car" Instead I wrote "I'll become a successful stock market investor, I'll look for a mentor to guide me in stock market investing" "I'll have a successful internet marketing business" "I'll have a healthy and sick free body, so I will exercise often, live a healthy lifestyle.." I Also made a photo collage of my dreams and set it as my desktop wallpaper.I also wrote my dreams on my mobile phone.

Why do this? Because when you write your dreams, it becomes a plan. If not then it's still a dream..
It doesn't ends there,after I wrote my dreams I always read them to remind me of my goals.

Why Earn Passive Income?

There are many people who makes lot of money but they don't have the time to spend and enjoy it because they are working so much doing their job. 
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There are also many people who have lots of time but they don't have money.(these are jobless people) 

But there are few people who have both the money and time. 

How? By earning passive income. Passive income is a type of income wherein you first set up a "money machine" and then it will work for you automatically. (but frankly it's not that easy to make a money machine.) 

Define Your Own Success

Define your own Success
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What is success to you? What should happen or what things should you have for you say that you're successful? Is it a big house, luxury vacation, fancy car,fat bank accounts? 

Do you know that success must be self defined? You need to define success according to your standards not to your neighbors.

If your neighbor for example has a Ferrari car, It doesn't mean that you must also have a Ferrari car in order to be successful. Because no matter how rich you become, there will always be another guy who is richer than you are. 
Think, what do you want to accomplish for you to say that you are successful?