Top 3 Simple Money Making Ideas For Students

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A reader asked - "How can a student like me earn money?"

Answer: We have tons of money making ideas, some are easy and some are not-so. Today's post I'll share with you the top 3 simple money making ideas for students like you - actually this is applicable to people of any age as long as you can move. : ) Here they are:

1. Sell Cellphone Loads - This one is very easy. How many friends or classmates do you have? 30? 50?  Do you know that for every P30 load that you sell you can earn P4.73? Let's compute (number of your classmates) 30 x 4.73 (earnings) = P141.9 profit! NOW, how many students are there in your school? 100? 300? 500? Get the idea?

2. Be A Tutor - Do you have a skill or talent that you can teach/share to others and earn from it? I remember my first coach in MMA is a college student (I found him in the internet) and he's making P200 per hour for teaching me MMA. Are you good Math? Painting? Playing Music Instrument? Playing basketball? Dancing? Computers?  Share it to others and earn from it. You can advertise your services on a site like it's free.

3. Direct Selling -  Join in one of these big companies Avon, Natasha, Sophie Paris. My wife knows a college student in Laguna making P20k a month from selling Sophie Paris products.

There you have it 3 simple money making ideas for students.. Do you have more suggestions? Please do share it by leaving a comment below..