My Stock List June 2012

Here's my stock list for this month

A Great Lesson We Can Learn From Manny Pacquiao

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"Do what you love and money follows."

Who is the world doesn't know our very own People's Champ Manny Pacquiao. 
Do you know how much did earn from his last fight? How about Lebron James? Oprah Winfrey? Angelina Jolie? Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? 

They are all earning millions of dollar a year, except for Bill and Mark because they're earning billions!

And do you know what's common between them? They all use their passion (genius). They're doing what they was born to.That's the reason why they are very successful now.

If you want to be rich, use your passion. Eh..I'm confuse with this passion.. I don't know what's my passion is?..Click here to help you find what your passion is. 

5 Ways To Become Rich

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Here are 5 Ways to become rich choose one you think is the best for you : ) 

1. You can become wealthy by inheriting the riches of your rich parents--cool eh

2. You can become wealthy by winning in a lottery game. I heard that most lottery winners lost all their money just after a few years from winning and end up buried in debt.

3. You can become wealthy by marrying a rich person. Remember that you will be with the person that you'll marry for life. Can you take it living with someone you don't love?

4. You can become wealthy by doing illegal business.'s better to live in a small house than in jail.

5. You can become wealthy by studying how money works, by becoming financially literate, become an business owner and then investor.

One BIG Thing To Avoid If You Want To Become Rich

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Do you know that there are two kinds of debt? One (the popular to most people) is called Bad Debt. 

Bad debt according to Robert Kiyosaki is a money loaned to buy things that takes money out of your pocket (liability). 

One example is when I get a loan to buy a brand new sports car for my personal enjoyment. Since that sports car doesn't put money into my pocket, or simply I don't earn from  it then it's a Bad debt. 

The other debt is called Good Debt. (what most rich people have) Good debt is the opposite of bad debt. 

When I get a loan to buy a rental apartment and if from that apartment, I receive monthly income from my tenants...that's a Good debt. 

Do you know now what to avoid?