Entrepreneurs Big Mistake

"Many entrepreneurs make a big mistake by asking for advice from a successful employee, rather than from a successful entrepreneur."- Robert Kiyosaki

Top scams in the Philippines Part 1

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My wife and I just talk about how to know if an investment is a scam as we talk, she told me that her mother was a victim of a "TEXT SCAM". How does it work? I ask her. What happened is that her mother received an SMS "text" message saying (Congratulations! Your cellphone number just won P100,000.00 ($2000) for instructions to claim your prize just load (top up) P100 ($2) to this number 0920#######. This is attorney Santos of PCSO) Her mother, upon reading the message excitedly send P100 load immediately, and instructions received..she thought that the scammer  didn't receive the load  so she send another P100 load.And wait..The ending? My mother-in-law send a total P1000 load to the scammer. Same thing happened to her aunt.
So if it happens that you receive the same text message someday, You now know what it is...