Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club - An Honest Review

I am one of many Filipinos who works abroad earning decent money -- sad thing is that-- I actually don't know what to do with my hard earned money. I just put my money in the bank earning very small interest way lower than the inflation. While some of my friends end up wasting their money buying unnecessary things and save few or nothing  Until I learned about Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club.

I joined Bo's Truly Rich Club and followed his recommendations. Joining TRC was an eyeopener for me! I am grateful, feeling more secured financially as my "real investments" now continues to grow.

For those of you who already know Bo Sanchez probably you're happy because soon like me you'll be financially free. . 

For those who don't know him, here's his story: 

Bo Sanchez is a Filipino preacher who believed that money was evil, that wealth was excess baggage that prevented people from going to heaven and that saving for tomorrow means not trusting God. His belief about money changed after one prayer meeting when  a woman ask him to pray over for her daughter's P700 enrollment fee. Bo wanted to help the woman badly that time but he too don't have P700 either,after that event happened he prayed "Lord, I don't want this to ever happen again. Oh,to have money to help other! Help me help them."Fast forward -He now has many sources of income and investments not worrying about money as he shares his wealth to the needy. And now he is sharing what he learned about how money works to Filipinos worldwide through his Truly Rich Club!