3 Simple Effective Ways To Market

3 Simple Effective Ways To Market

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Whatever your product or service is marketing is needed if you want to increase your sales. Why? Read my post How Marketing Can Increase your Business Sales. To resume with our topic, Here are 3 simple yet effective ways to market your product or service:

1. Network - tell your family, relatives, and friends about your business. And ask them to tell their friends about your business.You can give them some business brochures or flyers to distribute to people they know or will meet.

2. Create an Online ads - Go to websites like or register for free and create an wow advertisement about your business it's easy and it's free.

3. Promote at Facebook - Why facebook? Because facebook is populated. There are many ways to promote on facebook. To name two ways: One easy way is to tell your about product on your status(the "what's on your mind" not single or married ha) and profile info, another is to create a facebook page about your business.